Monday, September 26, 2011

pyramids volcanoes?.... a lasting view

My daughter knows of my passion 4 super volcanoes.and how the ash that makes it to stratosphere becomes a volcanic mirror , which on the right scale becomes a  covering a shade that  cools the earth      man woman and beast    which i believe saves us from burning up.. she mentioned the other day how pyramids look like volcanoes...I had not ever thought of it but it is so! I do a game with my granddaughter to explain my ash theory... we have the small volcanoes that are too little and the ash doesnt get high enough to help        the  big ones are the super volcanoes and they get too much ash up there and cause ice ages     but the medium ones are the ones like pinatubo  or man made devices that get just the right amount of ash up there.....when I pulled up a web view of pyramids      i see our game !... big pyramids  like big volcanoes.... little pyramids like little volcanoes  and medium pyramids  just like medium volcanoes..and in front of them the Sphinx human and beast with a protective covering......and they have lasted all these years a sitting symbol in front of us....could it be ...the right  amount of ash    not too much  not too little   just enough to creat a protective covering to protect  man woman and beast and bird.....  like the sphinx

look at  a flat picture of the insides of a volcano next to the insides of a pyramid...  chambers    airways   etc...     

I find it fun to muse on all things .... to wonder.  there must be more ...

super volcanoes could explain the Bible and our past and save our future!

A super volcano erupting and causing ice age which then after many years melts creates atmosphere then massive  rain and rainbows. It only rains in a one degree arc    too hot no rain then incineration *Venus*     too cold   ice or snow...When the sulphuric mirror dissipates the sun shines full on a ice age causing mists puddles   then flooding   massive rains  a great  deluge   and then once settling causing a eden in fact in the bible rain is never mentioned until after the ark had been afloat awhile which would be logical as rain would only occur once the ice age melted to a specific degree..this easily explains the ark...not gods anger but a simple natural occurence...God perhaps was involved  by giving Noah the sense to understand and act on what was happening...If people came from the stars as people believe the Mayan legends and caves writing is meant to depict...Look at it this way... Venus used to be habitable by some accounts till global warming incinerated it... Where did the people go?  If they evacuated to here it explains what is described as sodam and gamohra...They would have seen the planet where they lived literally incinerating and everyone left on it destroyed  as the left  *other than ones who might have survived underground a short while if they built rockets they could have built bunkers* Once they arrived here the people from the stars it explains easily they had technology which to this day is still being found by scientists..And they would have known about global warming! They would have been able to write what is revelations by using scientific facts from their own planet and how long it took to incinerate. Its logical that people with knowledge similiar in sophistication to ours more or less would know and be able to predict almost to the day what would happen here from warming by using scientific data from a world this already happened on Venus...they would have known it would be so far in future and tried to create records  written/  spoken   etc   that  might survive...Also either before they came or after  there came an ash induced ice age   because we have Noahs account...Ice age melted making Eden and the atmosphere to present day..growing increasingly hotter...which if we do not stop it will be the Apocalypse as described   ...but we use nature and ash and avert it  at least awhile..we rewrite the bible   ...why     if Venusians came here did they not use ash or something?Did they not know of super volcanoes so no data as we have or did they just not think of it till too late....or is it only a temporary fix? If  Venus and earths natural state is incindiary and the atmospheres we live in are created from iced over planets melting   and creating greenhouses  an unnatural state,,,, which slowly over millions of years  dry little by little   till finally the outer atmosphere and planet dry completely and return to the natural state of a dry uninhabited incinerated volcanic atmosphere like Venus is now ,,, then we would need to create a mini ice age to reboot... not just a shade....  A temporary cooling of our atmosphere would not stop outer atmosphere from drying up  without huge amounts of ice melting  to maintain it or reboot it... did the Venusians perhaps not think of it in time?  .....I am thinking as my daughter suggested pyramids look like volcanoes   in the middle of deserts.. pyre is a name 4 fire...maybe thats a hint they left  ...a visual reminder/ hint  in the hottest areas...volcano..?If they didnt know of super volcanoes from studying Venus was it because the occurence hadnt happened in their history... were they not there millions of years? Our planet has actually ice aged then deluged and rebirthed many times historically..did each time a volcano blew give us more time? If they hadnt blown would we even be here now?Venus right now is surrounded by a volcanic mirror    if it effectively creates a ice age... sooner or later the mirror will dissipate.... the sun will shine through   the ice age will melt  flood create a atmosphere   rain and   eden....only if it creates a ice age first! we would have a brand new planet... pristine as  b4 the dinosaurs.....    purified by fire then .bedecked in ice  then washed in beauty   and burgeoning with liife scientists believe it used to be...but thats hundreds of years from now...
Some of this I am thinking on  and still musing about...I believe the bible IS a guide from our past  passed down  mingled with religion and telling but having a a puzzle of gods  to decipher..a scientific ledger . Most here however that I wrote  is scientifically documented..I simply applied logic as pertains to events biblical and scientific and to include that if a race did come from the stars they must have had intellect  and technology    they didnt just drop out of space like melon balls ...they also might have  come from a world only seen in our future   a world so far into warming that even their physical attributes were probably starting to change .   they would have gone underground as we would if we had no other option...or those that could  they would have rocketed to nearest viable planet earth...maybe they created the atmosphere here first..

......the floods are documented scientific fact not one but many in earth history     .Venus....fact      super volcanoes and volcanic mirrors  and nuclear winters    fact...that a race with extraordinary technology was here   fact...that global warming if not reversed will in effect create armageddon as described in the bible    fact
that if we use volcanic ash  we can cool this planet at least awhile  fact...
that whether people believe global warming or not polar/ arctic  ice is melting at a hugely faster rate than it was not too many  years ago     fact.

that if yellowstone super caldera blows we will nuclear winter   fact..

If yellowstone blew we would need to learn to live from the sea like eskimoes many hundreds of years would it freeze and be a ice age  that our future ancestors wouldnt remember rainbows  and would never have seen rain or land.  lucky even to survive the few who would......They would live in ice fishing villages that one day     when the volcanic mirror they dont even know is there dissipates and the world starts warming...would become a land of  mist    puddles and lakes  then  a great flood a deluge   ...They would build a float to survive ..and then it would rain and rain and rain,,, till the water subsided and Eden began again...A rainbow would appear and they would know it was a sign from god

ok going to research more ....

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Economic boost

This could fix the economy..A poor persons stimulus lottery.Anyone could buy tickets  , but winners must be low income eligible   like 75,00 a year income or less.thus charities, friends, etc, in higher income area,,, could buy them to give to poor or at soup kitchens etc Winners can only win once every so many years based on calculations that create a perfect  probability of 98% win guarantee of every person in that income area based on the amount of people and time span ... say once every 4 years as  a maybe...Instead of one big winner sitting on one big win it is divided as follows based on a pot size of 101 million   you would take out expenses first *say 1 million*...then 1/2 ,  50 million goes to deficit   to help pay so  children dont have to..The final 50 million is divided up in equal shares  of 5000 and distributed to winners..* can be increased if it starts making more*.this win cannot be counted as income and is not taxable, neither are the purchase of the tickets allowed to be written off taxes ...The only thing is that since they can only win once per every few years  so theres no incentive to then buy more tickets.... upon winning they must pay back into pot what they would have spent on tickets...say 4 yrs approx 400$...the other 4600 they have to do as they like.This lottery provides huge stimulus and helps our deficit without draining  from an already taxed system. It pays 4 itself plus pays INTO the treasury.A system totally sustaining itself and generating pure profit  without dependance on taxes etc...The stimulus of 10's of  thousands of low income people twice weekly all at once  recieving and spending 5000$ all over united states ,,,will super boost economy and circulate . As it gains momentum  it would grow and the stimulus size could grow...The incentive to buy tickets is that based on calculations of the amount of people in the income area  cycling in the alotted time span   98% will win the stimulus   ...being eligible once again after the time alotted after initially winning passes. say once you win you have 4 years b4 you can win can buy tickets and give them to friends or relatives though if you have already won at any time......the poor spend ,  which boosts  small businesses  which starts economy going  .. and it can cycle indefinitely...  It is implemented simply by adding in to already existing pick up winnings you must register in with id etc computed    so no one could win twice b4 alotted timespan or not income eligible   so everyone is allowed to win      

if Obamas $250 stimulus helped... a at least 5000$ stimulus would be astronomical .And whereas taxpayers and future generations were drained in Obamas plan      this stimulus pays 4 itself wholly  along with paying off the deficit to free our childrens future from financial burden of the parents....This is not meant mean at Pres Obama. Boosting the economy and paying off debt , the poor helping themselves without having to raise taxes or burden anyone.less than 8 dollars a month  to buy a ticket with a 98% probability of a 5000 dollar win in a 4 year span...the other 2% at time of  end of the cycle renewing could be found and paid out of expense acct.that makes 100% probability with no drain.. and debt reduction...on a 85 million dollar pot  the poor would recieve over 40 million in stimulus payments   as would the deficit    now times that by 2 x a week over 10 years....with no drain whatsoever

ty judi

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Simple solution to global warming ///link to my video... plus Nasa backup

This is a link to a video I made. It describes how Volcanic ash can be used to cool the planet  ... in fact we could permanently control the temperature of this and other applicable planets...When I first approached people with this idea I was called out on it, but I knew I was right and I recently found a small library archive from 1993 that describes a study done by Nasa where it states irrefutably that what  I have been describing would work  look up VOLCANIC MIRROR.I got the idea from watching a discovery channel epidode on super volcanoes... A super volcano shoots ash into the OUTER atmosphere of earth * not where people breathe*  where the sulphuric acid in the ash creates globules  which spread out evenly. The globules allow in light but refract away heat .This has happened  in earths past... notably Toba.... when it went off it shot 35,000 tons of ash into the outer atmosphere  dropping the temperature on earth 21 degrees and creating a mini ice age,   as a note when the globules clear the sun would shine through its heat naturally and melt the ice age much more  rapidly than normal cooling and heating cycle of a planet ,creating a flood.and then a huge growth of everything naturewise, perhaps like in the time of Noah.and  the description of Eden..Nature does it on a scale of bigger proportions than we need obviously, but by applying  the 35,000 tons ash  creates a drop of 21 degrees ratio  we have the ability to graph mathematically the exact coordinates to drop the temperature to the  degree we need. Though theres much more we need to do to fix the planet this at least would solve the global warming.We mimic nature by creating a much less condensed version of the effects of the super volcano   a protective screen ....We would only need to implement it  once then maintain it as necessary    ...4 those who ascribe to the mayan end of days  prediction the globules would also prevent the flares predicted destruction     I have many ideas and theories on this I would love if someone in the field of science etc took interest and wanted to discuss this. I would love to conduct some experiments I have thought of     .Perhaps if Venus used to be green like some people theorise,,we could make it so again..If there had been ash sent into Venus atmosphere b4 greenhouse warming destroyed it ,could it be a lush paradise now? Creating a man made ice age  which would then thaw and create a eutopia would be awesome and is theoretically possible using sulphuric acid globules maybe.Could the time of Noah as described biblically  be at the end of an ash induced ice age? Yes.The ice age created by the globules once the globules exit the outer atmosphere would start to thaw.  All over an ice covered world would start to thaw.Though to us it could seem long in changing it is faster than a natural cooling /heating of the earth,  and creates first misting and puddles , lakes  * bible*. Then as the water starts evaporating faster and the correct temp is achieved where rain forms ,it starts raining and raining and soon its one massive flooded planet.... once stabilized  there we have our world   growing lush and beautiful many years but still drying from the ice age melting, and with no further ice ages or cooling eventually it will  simply burn away everything created by the ice age and the flood...think of a glass of ice water set in a warm spot   first the ice melts you dont notice much evaporation , then there is cool water that starts warming still little evaporation  ... but once it peaks at a certain point it starts evaporating at a rapid rate till the glass dries up,,, this is just a thought I had considering Noah and the flood ,I think it would be awesome to find that people evacuating Venus landed here after looking back and seeing Venus *like a description of sodom and gamorrha* turning into a fireball and finding out that maybe they are who the mayans describe coming from the sky if it is so...I like to muse upon all things...that is what makes thinking fun  and once you understand the volcanic mirror ash theory you will realise it might be  possible.
.......the ash theory though is sound and complete fact  ie Nasa    ie Mother Nature

There is only a degree either way we have to go ... go 1 degree colder there would be no rain only snow ice etc     a degree the hotter way creates a dryness that evaporates rain b4 it can fall... so calculating needs to be precise.. and soon in my opinion         as in doing this correctly it will take awhile to reverse the effects of  global warming and set things right... you cant try to do too much and hurry it or it will create a ice age and kill most everyone just like in nature...

these are the links to my video, I also sent the idea out to everywhere... Theres also a link to the 1983 volcanic mirror study by Nasa...4 those who just like to  give flack...  ty!


recently as 20 years ago pinatubo though not a super volcano,  had some of its ash make it to the stratosphere... global temp drop of 0.4

A link to the rare Michael Jackson costume I am interested in selling or restoring and showing and links to tell more about it

This is a way to contact us about our costume found belonging to Michael Jackson of the Jackson 5.It is one of his first if not the VERY FIRST costume.Made with love by his mother 4 him from a pattern at their home in Gary Ind. in the 60's, for one of his first televised performances as a young boy b4 Motown on the Wayne Newton show.We love this coat , I have had it a long time.I am only now doing something with it because I need to provide 4 my girls...It was appraised recently as value being in the millions* who would have even thought that*.I paid a dime.. It is authenticated..If you would like to arrange showing it  or just to see it ,please contact me directly at info provided herein.All proceeds from showing it etc will go to getting my little ones a home educations and providing 4 them to get them off welfare. I will / must sell given the right offer but I would  rather show it and then eventually have it go to Michaels museum.It belongs there ,,,  as to me  it is the very best and most beautiful and brave of all his items ...I truly love that little coat.I found it in a  thrift store named Vina Moses many years ago .It is our little miracle " coat of many colors" belonging to Michael Joseph Jackson found in  a Vina Moses' basket .I call it our little miracle coat because,,, first of how it was found , where, and the odd circumstances. 2    Its resilience even after all it has been through just as we have but it is still strong  only missing a belt loop and a button or 2  .  How every odd event lead up to another from its making till now, like a sequence, including DNA and internet being invented long after I found it ...and that being how I am online and have a blog now ,,I only started using and learned about computers because I was attempting to find people who knew of the coat.  Like it was all planned.Each event linking to and needing another    over nearly 50 years. Very amazing really.
 How awesome it would be if it could tell the tale of allll that has happened to it!    Its not that it might be worth millions that makes it our miracle but that it is amazing it has made it here   online ,  and how and possibly why,, in nearly a half century journey! It makes it possible also 4 me to publish my global warming theory where it might be seen...

Below you will see the pictures of the costume   b4 and after   the validation letter   and contact info..also media links telling our story somewhat.....note in the neck lining the words written      M JACKSON #5

God Bless Michael and his lovely family.. I loved  him      I miss him ....   I wanted to bring his coat home to him .. I tried..

I would not have traded MJ off to have a miracle or a coat or attention, it is the only part of all of it that makes no sense to me ,,,him being gone.  It was all seeming fun b4 he  passed, now its simply that I must ...

Though we save the world ,,,of what use is it if what is good and wondrous and magical   is gone from it? To live simply 4 the sake of living is not really living at all I would say...

.contact info   pics  and links below

.Do not contact Transmedia as I am no longer conducting business with them,.I recieved NO offers through them even after 12 million listeners in new york heard it over the mancow would think at least 1 new yorker wouldve called.... suspicious hmmm....maybe the people i hired were out during time people phoned.... so I am attempting to use a blog media and handle the coat myself , not having offers screened by them.

tyvm      GOD BLESS

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