Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Economic boost

This could fix the economy..A poor persons stimulus lottery.Anyone could buy tickets  , but winners must be low income eligible   like 75,00 a year income or less.thus charities, friends, etc, in higher income area,,, could buy them to give to poor or at soup kitchens etc Winners can only win once every so many years based on calculations that create a perfect  probability of 98% win guarantee of every person in that income area based on the amount of people and time span ... say once every 4 years as  a maybe...Instead of one big winner sitting on one big win it is divided as follows based on a pot size of 101 million   you would take out expenses first *say 1 million*...then 1/2 ,  50 million goes to deficit   to help pay so  children dont have to..The final 50 million is divided up in equal shares  of 5000 and distributed to winners..* can be increased if it starts making more*.this win cannot be counted as income and is not taxable, neither are the purchase of the tickets allowed to be written off taxes ...The only thing is that since they can only win once per every few years  so theres no incentive to then buy more tickets.... upon winning they must pay back into pot what they would have spent on tickets...say 4 yrs approx 400$...the other 4600 they have to do as they like.This lottery provides huge stimulus and helps our deficit without draining  from an already taxed system. It pays 4 itself plus pays INTO the treasury.A system totally sustaining itself and generating pure profit  without dependance on taxes etc...The stimulus of 10's of  thousands of low income people twice weekly all at once  recieving and spending 5000$ all over united states ,,,will super boost economy and circulate . As it gains momentum  it would grow and the stimulus size could grow...The incentive to buy tickets is that based on calculations of the amount of people in the income area  cycling in the alotted time span   98% will win the stimulus   ...being eligible once again after the time alotted after initially winning passes. say once you win you have 4 years b4 you can win again....you can buy tickets and give them to friends or relatives though if you have already won at any time......the poor spend ,  which boosts  small businesses  which starts economy going  .. and it can cycle indefinitely...  It is implemented simply by adding in to already existing lotteries....to pick up winnings you must register in with id etc computed    so no one could win twice b4 alotted timespan or not income eligible   so everyone is allowed to win      

if Obamas $250 stimulus helped... a at least 5000$ stimulus would be astronomical .And whereas taxpayers and future generations were drained in Obamas plan      this stimulus pays 4 itself wholly  along with paying off the deficit to free our childrens future from financial burden of the parents....This is not meant mean at Pres Obama. Boosting the economy and paying off debt , the poor helping themselves without having to raise taxes or burden anyone.less than 8 dollars a month  to buy a ticket with a 98% probability of a 5000 dollar win in a 4 year span...the other 2% at time of  end of the cycle renewing could be found and paid out of expense acct.that makes 100% probability with no drain.. and debt reduction...on a 85 million dollar pot  the poor would recieve over 40 million in stimulus payments   as would the deficit    now times that by 2 x a week over 10 years....with no drain whatsoever

ty judi

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