Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A link to the rare Michael Jackson costume I am interested in selling or restoring and showing and links to tell more about it

This is a way to contact us about our costume found belonging to Michael Jackson of the Jackson 5.It is one of his first if not the VERY FIRST costume.Made with love by his mother 4 him from a pattern at their home in Gary Ind. in the 60's, for one of his first televised performances as a young boy b4 Motown on the Wayne Newton show.We love this coat , I have had it a long time.I am only now doing something with it because I need to provide 4 my girls...It was appraised recently as value being in the millions* who would have even thought that*.I paid a dime.. It is authenticated..If you would like to arrange showing it  or just to see it ,please contact me directly at info provided herein.All proceeds from showing it etc will go to getting my little ones a home educations and providing 4 them to get them off welfare. I will / must sell given the right offer but I would  rather show it and then eventually have it go to Michaels museum.It belongs there ,,,  as to me  it is the very best and most beautiful and brave of all his items ...I truly love that little coat.I found it in a  thrift store named Vina Moses many years ago .It is our little miracle " coat of many colors" belonging to Michael Joseph Jackson found in  a Vina Moses' basket .I call it our little miracle coat because,,, first of how it was found , where, and the odd circumstances. 2    Its resilience even after all it has been through just as we have but it is still strong  only missing a belt loop and a button or 2  .  How every odd event lead up to another from its making till now, like a sequence, including DNA and internet being invented long after I found it ...and that being how I am online and have a blog now ,,I only started using and learned about computers because I was attempting to find people who knew of the coat.  Like it was all planned.Each event linking to and needing another    over nearly 50 years. Very amazing really.
 How awesome it would be if it could tell the tale of allll that has happened to it!    Its not that it might be worth millions that makes it our miracle but that it is amazing it has made it here   online ,  and how and possibly why,, in nearly a half century journey! It makes it possible also 4 me to publish my global warming theory where it might be seen...

Below you will see the pictures of the costume   b4 and after   the validation letter   and contact info..also media links telling our story somewhat.....note in the neck lining the words written      M JACKSON #5

God Bless Michael and his lovely family.. I loved  him      I miss him ....   I wanted to bring his coat home to him .. I tried..

I would not have traded MJ off to have a miracle or a coat or attention, it is the only part of all of it that makes no sense to me ,,,him being gone.  It was all seeming fun b4 he  passed, now its simply that I must ...

Though we save the world ,,,of what use is it if what is good and wondrous and magical   is gone from it? To live simply 4 the sake of living is not really living at all I would say...

.contact info   pics  and links below

.Do not contact Transmedia as I am no longer conducting business with them,.I recieved NO offers through them even after 12 million listeners in new york heard it over the mancow would think at least 1 new yorker wouldve called.... suspicious hmmm....maybe the people i hired were out during time people phoned.... so I am attempting to use a blog media and handle the coat myself , not having offers screened by them.

tyvm      GOD BLESS

Contact Us
Judith Woolworth Donahue
939 Childs Ave Crescent City Ca 95531
(707) 464-5323
10am-5pm pacific time  Mon -Sat
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