Monday, September 26, 2011

pyramids volcanoes?.... a lasting view

My daughter knows of my passion 4 super volcanoes.and how the ash that makes it to stratosphere becomes a volcanic mirror , which on the right scale becomes a  covering a shade that  cools the earth      man woman and beast    which i believe saves us from burning up.. she mentioned the other day how pyramids look like volcanoes...I had not ever thought of it but it is so! I do a game with my granddaughter to explain my ash theory... we have the small volcanoes that are too little and the ash doesnt get high enough to help        the  big ones are the super volcanoes and they get too much ash up there and cause ice ages     but the medium ones are the ones like pinatubo  or man made devices that get just the right amount of ash up there.....when I pulled up a web view of pyramids      i see our game !... big pyramids  like big volcanoes.... little pyramids like little volcanoes  and medium pyramids  just like medium volcanoes..and in front of them the Sphinx human and beast with a protective covering......and they have lasted all these years a sitting symbol in front of us....could it be ...the right  amount of ash    not too much  not too little   just enough to creat a protective covering to protect  man woman and beast and bird.....  like the sphinx

look at  a flat picture of the insides of a volcano next to the insides of a pyramid...  chambers    airways   etc...     

I find it fun to muse on all things .... to wonder.  there must be more ...

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