Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Simple solution to global warming ///link to my video... plus Nasa backup

This is a link to a video I made. It describes how Volcanic ash can be used to cool the planet  ... in fact we could permanently control the temperature of this and other applicable planets...When I first approached people with this idea I was called out on it, but I knew I was right and I recently found a small library archive from 1993 that describes a study done by Nasa where it states irrefutably that what  I have been describing would work  look up VOLCANIC MIRROR.I got the idea from watching a discovery channel epidode on super volcanoes... A super volcano shoots ash into the OUTER atmosphere of earth * not where people breathe*  where the sulphuric acid in the ash creates globules  which spread out evenly. The globules allow in light but refract away heat .This has happened  in earths past... notably Toba.... when it went off it shot 35,000 tons of ash into the outer atmosphere  dropping the temperature on earth 21 degrees and creating a mini ice age,   as a note when the globules clear the sun would shine through its heat naturally and melt the ice age much more  rapidly than normal cooling and heating cycle of a planet ,creating a flood.and then a huge growth of everything naturewise, perhaps like in the time of Noah.and  the description of Eden..Nature does it on a scale of bigger proportions than we need obviously, but by applying  the 35,000 tons ash  creates a drop of 21 degrees ratio  we have the ability to graph mathematically the exact coordinates to drop the temperature to the  degree we need. Though theres much more we need to do to fix the planet this at least would solve the global warming.We mimic nature by creating a much less condensed version of the effects of the super volcano   a protective screen ....We would only need to implement it  once then maintain it as necessary    ...4 those who ascribe to the mayan end of days  prediction the globules would also prevent the flares predicted destruction     I have many ideas and theories on this I would love if someone in the field of science etc took interest and wanted to discuss this. I would love to conduct some experiments I have thought of     .Perhaps if Venus used to be green like some people theorise,,we could make it so again..If there had been ash sent into Venus atmosphere b4 greenhouse warming destroyed it ,could it be a lush paradise now? Creating a man made ice age  which would then thaw and create a eutopia would be awesome and is theoretically possible using sulphuric acid globules maybe.Could the time of Noah as described biblically  be at the end of an ash induced ice age? Yes.The ice age created by the globules once the globules exit the outer atmosphere would start to thaw.  All over an ice covered world would start to thaw.Though to us it could seem long in changing it is faster than a natural cooling /heating of the earth,  and creates first misting and puddles , lakes  * bible*. Then as the water starts evaporating faster and the correct temp is achieved where rain forms ,it starts raining and raining and soon its one massive flooded planet.... once stabilized  there we have our world   growing lush and beautiful many years but still drying from the ice age melting, and with no further ice ages or cooling eventually it will  simply burn away everything created by the ice age and the flood...think of a glass of ice water set in a warm spot   first the ice melts you dont notice much evaporation , then there is cool water that starts warming still little evaporation  ... but once it peaks at a certain point it starts evaporating at a rapid rate till the glass dries up,,, this is just a thought I had considering Noah and the flood ,I think it would be awesome to find that people evacuating Venus landed here after looking back and seeing Venus *like a description of sodom and gamorrha* turning into a fireball and finding out that maybe they are who the mayans describe coming from the sky if it is so...I like to muse upon all things...that is what makes thinking fun  and once you understand the volcanic mirror ash theory you will realise it might be  possible.
.......the ash theory though is sound and complete fact  ie Nasa    ie Mother Nature

There is only a degree either way we have to go ... go 1 degree colder there would be no rain only snow ice etc     a degree the hotter way creates a dryness that evaporates rain b4 it can fall... so calculating needs to be precise.. and soon in my opinion         as in doing this correctly it will take awhile to reverse the effects of  global warming and set things right... you cant try to do too much and hurry it or it will create a ice age and kill most everyone just like in nature...

these are the links to my video, I also sent the idea out to everywhere... Theres also a link to the 1983 volcanic mirror study by Nasa...4 those who just like to  give flack...  ty!


recently as 20 years ago pinatubo though not a super volcano,  had some of its ash make it to the stratosphere... global temp drop of 0.4

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